Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cards against humanity examples

Here are some Cards against humanity examples to what you will be looking forward to playing with your friends. Like I said in the previous post this game is not for the weak of heart so you have to be in that right mind frame to play or just drunk ha ha. see below .....

Cards Against Humanity Buy

Seriously cards against humanity buy is one of the funniest games out  there but its definitely not for the weak of heart. You have two options on how to get this game the first one is you can download it and print it for free on there website or you can grab it on amazon for $25 either way youll have to pay something even if you go the free route because youll need ink paper all the stuff ya know. So if you want to safe yourself the hassle.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cards Against Humanity Online

What is nicer than partying at home, getting drunk as hell, and playing this game? Playing Cards Against Humanity Online! 
 you can have the game at your finger tips 24/7. The app is still in development, so there are in fact some issues and glitches. The known issues and glitches are pretty minor at this point. Thus, your game play is not really effected by any of these issues.
Some known glitches in the web app include:
  • Be sure to have one game open at a time
  • Some browsers may have an issue with playing the game
  • You may come across errors throughout the game, but just ignore these
Some future enhancements of this web application include:
  • The ability to see who played each card
  • A long term registration system that includes tracking statistics
  • The ability to create custom black & white cards
                                                             Check It Out